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Specialisterne USA is driving the nationwide expansion of the proven international job creation and employment concept, Specialisterne (“The Specialists”). We assess, train and employ individuals with autism as consultants in IT and other sectors with technically oriented tasks and jobs, with 80-90% of our employees working at corporate partner sites.

Our ambition is to build a national organization that partners with local service providers and businesses to develop the most sustainable programs possible while developing a mentorship/management model to enable employers to expand their recruitment to include high functioning people with autism and similar challenges.

Our long term goal is to enable 100,000 jobs in the US.



Our partners are working with us to bring about a world where people with autism are given equal opportunities in the labor market.

Read more about how SAP and CAI are leading the way in changing the labor paradigm.

Connect With Us

Spreading the awareness of Specialisterne is our top priority in getting the message out and to be able to achive our collective goal of one million jobs.

Working at Specialisterne

If you would like to work as a consultant, or to join an evalution and education process, then we have many opportunities.