The Autism Advantage


Autism is a difference in the human condition that can affect the way someone communicates, understands and interacts with other people and the world around them. It is a spectrum condition, meaning people can share some ranging linked conditions, but the individual is unique.

The prevalence of autism among 8-year-old American children is estimated to be 1:68. Approximately 2 out of 3 have an average or above average IQ.

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Autistic individuals often display characteristics like:

  • Mathematical, technological, musical (or other artistic) abilities
  • Intense interests
  • Excellent concentration and focus skills especially on a preferred activity
  • Strong visual acuity
  • Perseverance solving repetitive tasks
  • Understanding and retention of concrete concepts, patterns and rules
  • Good rote and long term memory of facts, statistics, etc.
  • Adherence to rules, honesty
  • Innovative thinking

We call it the Autism Advantage and we are proud of playing part of the promotion of the Autism Advantage in the NYT Magazine and at the UN World Autism Awareness Day.

We are living at a very exciting time a time of great hope for autistic people and their families. Society is on the brink of a major transformation in its understanding of autism and other developmental disabilities, and everyone on the leading edge of this transformation is playing a crucial role at this long-awaited turning point in history.

Steve Silberman, Author of Neurotribes, Speech to the UN, April 1, 2016


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