Assessment Program

Specialisterne Assessment Program Overview

I.  Overarching Objective

The overall objective of The Program is to assess and prepare Candidates for entry into the labor market based on his or her motivation, skill sets and workability.

II. Program Overview

The Specialisterne Assessment Program offers autistic individuals an opportunity to harness and develop skills that can be applied in a professional working environment.  We work together with the candidates to identify their unique strengths, personal and professional competencies and interests, and the special needs or accommodations that their diversity presents.

The Program is based on the experiences of Specialisterne operations around the globe.  Programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals, employers, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions and community agency partners across the United States.

III. Identifying Talent

Specialisterne and its partner’s source for autistic talent both in the U.S.A and globally with inquiries coming in from over 20 countries.  We look beyond the diagnosis and attempt to identify the motivation, skill sets and workability of each individual in order to create a personal Business Profile. Upon completion of an Assessment Program, the Business Profile offers the Candidates an increased likelihood of success in the work force when paired with his or her resume/CV.

Because of the nature of autism, candidates often have very specific needs or challenges with regard to a potential workplace. Every candidate is different. Specialisterne’s program and its assessments identify individual abilities unique or otherwise, as well as needs for support, guidance and workplace accommodations.

The Program works to uncover and develop talents such as the ability to identify patterns and anomalies that may not be as clearly visible to other people, or the ability to maintain deep concentration for longer-than-normal periods of time. Additional talents include exceptional memory, propensity to think of innovative ideas or the ability to perform certain tasks repetitively with high accuracy. The talents are as varied as the personalities of our candidates.

IV. Job /Career Focus

Through the development of corporate and assessment partnerships, Specialisterne has acquired vital knowledge of the requirements and expectations of the corporate sector. Because of that, we are able to assess and prepare individuals for new professional expectations and the corporate culture of the specific employer. Ideally, Assessment Programs take place at the corporate partner site to provide as close a semblance with the corporate environment as possible. Upon successful completion of the Assessment process, employment with the corporate partner is an option.

The average time of an Assessment Program is 4 weeks that can lead to potential jobs across various lines of business. The Program, in part, is tailored to meet the corporate partner’s needs in an ever changing and dynamic corporate culture.

Pre-entry screening is done at a Specialisterne Informational Workshop at a partner agency or corporate site where staff members complete baseline assessments on potential candidates using Candidate and Observational Profiles. Individual chats are conducted during the workshop to further confirm that the candidate has both the interest and aptitude to participate in the program. Beyond that, it is important to take measures to ensure that the individual will be prepared to ultimately transition to their employment setting.

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