Business Services

Specialisterne Business Services

Specialisterne operations around the globe can provide a range of services to meet today’s business needs.  Technical services are customized depending on the local business needs, the profiles of the Specialisterne consultants and the specific services offered by each Specialisterne branch.

Specialisterne consultants have a talent for detail and bring unique competencies to tasks that most company employees are less motivated or skilled to perform, and so are more prone to making errors.

Specialisterne partners will be the operational engagement and delivery entities for education, transition, employment and career development.

As a trusted partner for companies who want to introduce an autism employment program nationally, Specialisterne will tap into its partner network to facilitate talent recruitment and employment in the company’s preferred sites across the U.S.

Through its international network, Specialisterne offers to act as a trusted partner for companies that intend to replicate U.S. based autism employment programs in international sites.

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