US employers

Employers benefiting from the Specialisterne Employment Engagement program: CAI, Capital One, The State of Delaware, IBM, PwC, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Oliver Wyman, The Precisionists and Willis Towers Watson.

Specialisterne is also engaged in a strategic alliance with US Business Leadership Network.

Community agencies

Specialisterne works with a number of community agencies to search, select, assess, onboard and coach autistic people in meaningful jobs.

Community agencies benefiting from the Specialisterne Assessment program:

High Schools

Through  our Young Innovators Program, Specialisterne works with high schools to bring our knowledge into the education system and thereby prepare students for meaningful and productive jobs upon graduation.

Specialisterne works with the following highs schools:

Center for Autism and Innovation – Vanderbilt University

Specialisterne Foundation

The Specialisterne Foundation works as a non-profit umbrella organization to enable one million jobs worldwide for autistic people through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement, and a global change in mindset.

Specialisterne Foundation is associated with the UN DPI.

Via Specialisterne Foundation, Specialisterne USA has access to operational experiences from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, India, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and UK.

Global collaboration

Specialisterne Foundation and SAP have engaged in a global collaboration to remove some barriers to employment of autistic people.

SAP has committed to 1% of the global workforce by 2020 being autistic people and has employed 100+ autistic people in 7 countries.

For more information – see the UN World Autism Awareness Day Event video (The global collaboration is introduced 1h:20m into the broadcast) – or refer to Specialisterne Foundation.

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