Pre-Employment Program

Specialisterne’s Pre-employment Program


  • Participants will be introduced to the Specialisterne 4-Week enterprise Assessment program
  • The Program model is focused on building and assessing the individual’s skill sets, motivation and workability.
  • The Program will explore and provide participants the opportunity to learn about how the labor market works and how they can prepare for an active career.
  • The program will culminate with presentation of their Scrum Challenge project.


Specialisterne’s Pre-employment Program (The Program) is a workforce preparation program using STEM Tools. Encouraging innovation, leadership skills, and an entrepreneurial mind set. It offers challenges and opportunities for autistic individuals to explore the fields of technology by using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education Core Set as a tool for assessing competencies relevant for the employment market with particular focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) jobs. However, Specialisterne has also validated that this unique program is also suitable for assessing individuals pursuing a range of employment roles across an enterprise.

Specialisterne facilitators work together with participants to uncover and document special skill-sets, strengthen personal and professional competencies, confirm career and subject matter interests, and to introduce elements from the corporate sector through challenges and tasks.

Program Breakdown

Week 1 – Introduction

Week 2 – Skills Training

Week 3 – Teamwork

Week 4 – Corporate Culture and Post-Secondary School Opportunities

Assessments and Certificates

Throughout The Program, the facilitator will be observing and assessing on the performance of participants.

Assessing individuals on these key traits:

  • Approach to a new task
  • Pace
  • Level of endurance
  • Stability
  • Special needs
  • Social skills

Observational reports are carefully detailed and documented by the facilitator and made available at the end of The Program.

  1. Participant Profile – The Participant Profile describes the talent and strengths observed during The Program. Observations are based on how the participant performed on individual and teamwork tasks. The observations will cover motivation, skills (shared, professional, specialist) and workability.
  2. All participants who have completed the program will receive a Specialisterne Certificate of Completion at the end.


  • Participants with mixed abilities learned to work together and appreciate the skills and strengths that they each were able to bring to the project. (i.e. an Asperger “geek” working successfully with a “cool” jock)
  • It exposed the participant’s abilities and weaknesses that will show up in the workplace. Important for transition.
  • This program was a great opportunity for the development of workplace readiness skills
  • The intensity and single focus created a “work like” atmosphere that is difficult to create in a traditional classroom.
  • Participants showed a tremendous increase in maturity, verbal skills, confidence, persistence, teamwork and an increase in frustration tolerance.

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